Smart Driver App



SMART DRIVER is an app that reflects your driving behavior and promotes anticipatory driving. Predictive driving means a reduction in the risk of accidents. Smart Driver supports you in moving more safely in daily road traffic. SMART DRIVER promotes this through trophies and awards. Customers of Porsche Versicherungs AG can additionally determine the premium discount with their driving style.

How does SMART DRIVER work?

SMART DRIVER is an APP that uses telematics data (measured by the cell phone) to evaluate driving behavior.

How much does SMART DRIVER cost?

The use of the APP is free of charge for all participants. However, charges may apply for mobile data traffic.

Do I have to be a customer of Porsche Bank AG or Porsche Versicherungs AG?

To participate in the competition and collect trophies, you only need to use a vehicle registered in Austria. It is not necessary to be a customer of Porsche Bank AG or Porsche Versicherungs AG. However, to take advantage of the possibility of a hull premium reduction, you must be a customer of Porsche Bank AG or Porsche Versicherungs AG and have concluded a fully comprehensive or fully comprehensive plus contract with a direct debit order.

Can only private individuals use the app?

Participation in the competition is only possible for private individuals.

Smart Driver App

Where can I download the APP?

The APP is available for free download in the Apple APP Store or in the Google PlayStore.

With which smartphone can I use the APP?

With a smartphone with operating system iOS from 9.0 or Android from 5.0. In addition, the smartphone must have a 64-bit processor.

Are there smartphones on which the APP does not work?

Depending on the model, there may be problems with smartphones of the "Huawei" brand when using or downloading. The reason for this is that the brand has been removed from the stores by Google and access to the apps has been blocked on new models.

How is the position determined?

The position is determined by means of the GPS signal from your cell phone.

How to start the recording of the journey?

To record your journey, Bluetooth must be turned on on your smartphone. The journey will then be recorded automatically. If Bluetooth connection is not possible on your smartphone, you have to start your journey manually. To do this, press the "Start journey" button.

How is the recording of the trip ended?

If the Bluetooth connection is active, the end of the trip is automatically detected and the trip is saved. If Bluetooth connection is not possible on your smartphone, you have to end your trip manually. To do this, press the "End journey" button. After finishing the journey, you have the option of assigning a name to the journey. If this is not done, the trip will be saved with the trip and date.

What happens if I lose my smartphone?

No problem: Simply download the app on another smartphone and log in with the mail address and password of your Smartdriver account. For security, if you lose your smartphone, you should change the access password to your account to prevent unauthorized access.

How can I change the password of my account?

You can change your password in the app under "My profile" and "Account".

I forgot my password, what should I do?

In the app, click on "Forgot your password?" in the login screen. You will then need to enter your mail address and will be emailed a link that will allow you to create a new password.

How can I change the email address?

To change the email address, click on "My profile" in the menu of the smartphone app and the specified email address. After that, please enter the new email address in the next window. In the browser version, you can make this change under the settings by clicking on "Change email" under "My account". The change must then still be confirmed in the inbox of the new address.

Who is the provider of the app through which my journeys are recorded?

The TELEMATIK app is provided by AMODO D.O.O., a company based in Croatia. The TELEMATIK app can use GPS to record your driving behavior and provide you with information about it.

How much storage/data volume is consumed by the SMART DRIVER app?

The app requires about 50 MB of storage space on iOS devices and about 65 MB on Android devices. The average active user requires about 5 MB per month to record trips or about 100 KB per recorded kilometer.

How much battery power is consumed by the TELEMATIK app?

The exact battery consumption is difficult to determine. Apps with GPS usage usually have higher battery consumption and also the ride data determination is a computationally intensive process. For longer journeys, we therefore recommend using a charger in the vehicle.

Evaluation of the driving behavior

What does Scoring Model mean?

The scoring model evaluates your driving behavior and awards points for it. 100 points are the possible best value. This is achieved if none of the evaluation parameters is exceeded.

Which parameters are used for the evaluation?

  • Adherence to the maximum permitted speed (outside Austria 130km/h is the maximum speed)
  • Strong acceleration
  • Strong braking maneuvers
  • Time of day
  • Road type
  • High cornering speed
  • Time of day
  • Road type

How is the total score calculated?

The total score is calculated from the various measurement parameters, with compliance with the maximum permissible speed having the greatest influence.

Can I report if a score is not correct?

In order to increase the quality of the measurements, we are grateful for any feedback. We pass on every report to the operator of the APP in order to achieve continuous improvement. The score itself will only be changed retroactively if an error is clearly detected.

Trophies and awards

What does collecting trophies mean?

These are "mini competitions". Based on fulfilled criteria you will receive small prizes. You can always see the respective criteria in the corresponding ICON. The trophies are a prerequisite for participating in challenges.

What prizes are there to win?

There are different prizes to win, from fuel vouchers to cash.

How many rides do I have to record for a trophy?

Depending on the amount of the prize to be won, you have to record different numbers of trips or cover distances with a certain score.

At what point does a ride count towards a trophy?

For a ride to count towards a trophy, a minimum distance of 2 km must be covered.

Can employees participate?

Employees can participate, but they are not entitled to the prizes of the challenges.

Privacy information and terms of use

User Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy when using Smart Driver is particularly important to us. Therefore, we will inform you thoroughly about the processing of personal data in the following. Porsche Versicherungs AG is responsible for data protection and strictly adheres to the applicable data protection regulations when using and processing personal data. Subject to the data subject rights described below, Porsche Versicherungs AG has the right to use personal and anonymous data to the extent permitted by law.

Data security

Porsche Versicherungs AG has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data against loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. The measures taken are subject to regular review and are continuously adapted to the state of the art.

Collection and processing of personal data

Smart Driver serves the purpose of providing insurance rates based on driving behavior. In this context, the insurance premium in the contractual relationship is based on driving behavior. In addition, you can also participate in competitions to collect various trophies and awards in compliance with the terms of use and thereby win prizes.

You acknowledge that Porsche Versicherungs AG requires your data for the following services:

(a) to provide you with access to the Smart Driver App; and

b) to enable you to use all functionalities of the Smart Driver App.

Data provided by you

As part of the registration process for Smart Driver, your

Email address and certain information requested in the "Personal Information" section.Your e-mail address: Entering your email address is used to create your personal password. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use Smart Driver without entering a valid e-mail address. Likewise, Porsche Versicherungs AG uses your e-mail address to respond to your inquiries or to send you information in connection with the use of the app.

Your name:
Porsche Versicherungs AG stores your first and last name. Your first name becomes your user name in the Smart Driver app and is used to display your score within the app. Other users of the app can see your user name and your score. Porsche Versicherungs AG needs this information to enable you to use Smart Driver. If you also wish to participate in the competition (collection of trophies and awards), your family name is also required to identify you along with your first name.

Address/Phone Number:
You can use Smart Driver without providing this information. By entering this information, you will have the opportunity to communicate with you by other means should you have any questions while using Smart Driver (and the use of your email address is not possible).

Date of birth:
You can use Smart Driver without disclosing this information. By entering this information, you have the opportunity to verify your eligibility to use Smart Driver. Likewise, your date of birth serves to identify you.

Data we collect

When you sign up for Smart Driver, you will be notified that the app processes certain data. The following data is processed:

Smart Driver collects GPS data while you are driving. Thus, the app can determine acceleration values, cornering behavior, speed and other measured values to represent safe driving. The collection of these measured values is only possible if you give permission for this in the operating system of your mobile device. The data is used to determine your score as part of your driving behavior as a safe driver.

Motion sensor:
In order to be able to record the safety measurement values of your driving behavior (acceleration, cornering behavior, speed, braking behavior), the Smart Driver app requires access to the motion sensor of your mobile end device. The collection of these measured values is only possible if you grant permission for this in the operating system of your mobile end device. The data is used to determine your score as part of your driving behavior as a safe driver.

Network / WLAN status: If your mobile device is online, the geo information is recorded in real time. If there is no Internet connection, the data is temporarily stored locally on the device. The collection of these measured values is only possible if you grant permission for this in the operating system of your mobile device. The data is used to determine your score in the context of your driving behavior as a safe driver.

Smart Driver allows you to invite friends to use the app. If you wish to use this feature, please allow the app to access your contacts by means of sharing in the operating system of your mobile device. We will only use this data as part of the "Invite Friends" feature.

Calls and SMS:
As a security feature, the Smart Driver App offers the function of automatically recording or answering incoming calls or SMS, provided that the app is currently being used to record a journey. This offers you the possibility to drive without interruption and increasing your safety. This feature is optional to use. If you want to use this functionality, please allow the app to access the phone and SMS function by means of release in the operating system of your mobile device. This data is used exclusively within the scope of the call and SMS function.

Important information regarding platform-dependent permissions:
Most mobile device platforms have set up different permission systems for app data access. The iOS platform informs you as soon as the Smart Driver app accesses your data for the first time, or as soon as the app wants to access certain functions of your mobile device. You will be asked whether you want to grant the respective authorization required for this. Android devices will inform you about all permissions required by the Smart Driver app as soon as you decide to use the app by registering and using it.


Porsche Versicherungs AG does not carry out all processing of personal data itself, but has the support of professional partners, namely Porsche Bank AG, Porsche Informatik GmbH based in 5020 Salzburg, Volkswagen Versicherungsdienst GmbH based in 1010 Vienna and AMODO D.O.O. based in 10000 Zagreb. Subsequently, other web service and IT service providers may also be used for us or act on our behalf.

The partners have been carefully selected and take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is processed in accordance with data protection laws and that your rights are protected. The partners are not permitted to use the personal data provided for their own or advertising purposes or to pass it on to third parties.

Furthermore, no data will be passed on to third parties - such as address publishers and direct advertising companies.

Exceptions to this are cases in which you participate in Smart Driver as a driver of a company fleet and the company managing the fleet has entered into a corresponding cooperation with Porsche Versicherungs AG. In these cases, your professional contact data will be passed on for a specific purpose in order to be able to reward your driving behavior in your company as well. The legal basis for this is the legitimate interest in promoting physical health such as reducing accident or damage rates. You could revoke this process at any time, to exercise your right in this regard, please write to Automated decisions in individual cases including profiling

Smart Driver offers existing Porsche Versicherungs AG customers and those with an active direct debit order the opportunity to "experience" premium credits on your monthly insurance premium. Individual driving behavior is evaluated on the basis of recorded journeys and a corresponding points rating is subsequently determined from this. The points rating is based on the following criteria: Speed, braking maneuvers, acceleration, cornering behavior, road type and time of day.

Depending on the level of the points score at the end of a calendar month (24:00 = 0:00 the following day), a different premium credit results:

Score: 0 - 80.00 points 0% discount

Score: 81 - 85.00 points 5% discount

Score: 86 - 90.00 points 10% discount

Score: 91 - 95.00 points 15% discount

Score: 91 - 95.00 points 20% discount

The booking of the reward credit takes place between the 10th and 15th of each calendar month. A condition for booking the premium credit is an upright direct debit order, as well as the timely and regular premium payments of the Porsche Bank Versicherungs AG customer. The premium credits achieved over the past months can be viewed in the Smart Driver app.

Data subject rights

You have the legal right to information as well as to rectification, to erasure, to restriction of processing, a right to object to processing and, where provided by law, a right to data portability. Porsche Versicherungs AG will also notify you without undue delay in the event of a personal data breach if the breach is likely to result in a high risk to your rights and freedoms. There is a right of appeal to the Austrian data protection authority.

Deletion of your data can be done directly via the Smart Driver App under Account Settings. In the event of an inactive account (if the Smart Driver App has not been opened or used for 15 months) and you no longer wish to participate in our competitions, your data will be automatically deleted.

To exercise your right in this regard, please write to Smart Driver Trophies and Awards

The Smart Driver App also allows you to achieve or win trophies and awards through various competitions, where automated case-by-case decisions, including profiling, also occur.

Driving behavior is evaluated with the following criteria: Speed, braking maneuvers, acceleration, cornering, road type and time of day. Short distances and standing times are also included in the scoring as follows:

Short distance: up to 5 points will be deducted from the total score depending on the length of the distance:

Length of the track:
> 5km = 0 points deduction.

Length of the course: 4km - 5km = 1 point deduction

Length of the route: 3km - 4km = 2 points deduction

Length of the track: 2km - 3km = 3 points deduction

Length of the track: 1km - 2km = 4 points deduction

Length of the track: < 1km = 5 points deduction Standing times: Points will be deducted from the total score if many standing times occur during the trip.

Waiting time > 10% = 0 point deduction

Waiting time 10% - 15% = 1 point deduction

Waiting time 15% - 20% = 2 points deduction

Waiting time 20% - 25% = 3 point deduction


Terms of use

In the event of any manipulation of data whatsoever, the user may be excluded from using Smart Driver without any further justification on the part of Porsche Versicherungs AG. In this case, there shall be no entitlement to any premium credit, trophy or award.

Porsche Versicherungs AG reserves the sole right to evaluate the scoring results.

A legal claim to the prizes is excluded. The law of the Federal Republic of Austria applies