Frequently asked questions about security

How secure is my data?

Your data is secured with Porsche Bank's direct savings using the latest encryption technologies. Porsche Bank online banking offers numerous security mechanisms that prevent your personal data from being read or changed by unauthorized persons.

These include:

  • Use of 128-bit SSL encryption
  • PIN procedure
  • automatic disconnection if you are inactive for more than fifteen minutes
  • PIN lockout after four unsuccessful login attempts
  • Data center security system protected by multiple firewalls
  • Security check by a state-approved and authorized test center

What are the compatible browsers for optimal use of online banking?


  • Firefox as of version 52
  • Google Chrome as of version 55
  • Microsoft Edge as of version 42
  • Safari as of version 10


  • As of iOS 11
  • As of Android 7.0

Using different browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) or older versions may result in display errors or impaired functionality.

What is the signatory number?

Each customer receives an individual customer number from Porsche Bank, consisting of a maximum of seven digits. This cannot be changed.

What is a pin?

The PIN is your personal identification number. It consists of a combination of numbers and letters. Your first PIN has five digits, consists only of digits and is given to you in a separate letter.

The PIN can only be changed online. For security reasons, we recommend that you change the PIN after your initial registration.

Why do you need the secret question and the secret answer?

The secret question and the secret answer are freely selected by you when you open the account and are stored at Porsche Bank. You can change these at any time. The secret question and its answer are used to identify you in the event of telephone inquiries and are requested from you by our employees.

What can I do if the pin is forgotten?

For your security when banking online, we ask you to keep your PIN secret and never disclose it to third parties. Our employees will also never ask you for your PIN. If you forget your PIN, you can request a new one in the login screen, which we will send to you immediately by mail.

What can I do if the pin has been stolen?

Please contact the Porsche Bank hotline as soon as possible on 0800 311 911. Your Direktsparen Flexibel account will be blocked immediately at your request and you will receive completely new access data for your account.

Outside our office hours, you can initiate a block by entering your password incorrectly four times. The new PIN must be requested in writing (fax, mail, e-mail).

Warum sollte die Pin regelmäßig geändert werden?

For security reasons and to protect against unauthorized third parties, we recommend that you change your PIN regularly.

You can do this easily in your account under the menu item "Settings". A change is especially important if you are concerned that third parties know your PIN.

What is a mTAN?

mTAN is a TAN procedure for securing online banking. mTAN stands for mobileTAN and is often also called "SMS-TAN". With this procedure, the TAN is sent by SMS to the customer's cell phone number.

When do I need an mTAN?

For withdrawals, changes to master data, change of PIN, change of secret question and when creating a term deposit. If a transfer is to be initiated via online banking, the bank sends the relevant TAN by SMS to the customer's registered cell phone before the order is completed. The transaction is not initiated until the mTAN received by SMS has been successfully entered.