Passenger insurance

Do I need passenger insurance?

Passenger accident insurance is an important safety cushion for you and your family. It can quickly happen that you, as the driver of the vehicle, are at fault for an accident and injure yourself. This is then no longer part of the motor vehicle liability. But it's a good thing that passenger accident insurance is available for this. Regardless of whether the accident was caused by someone else or by you - we guarantee cash benefits for you and all passengers.

Where can I see what is covered under the dismemberment schedule?

You can read about the dismemberment schedule in the General Terms and Conditions for Motor Vehicle Passenger Accident Insurance of Porsche Versicherungs AG, as amended from time to time. You will receive your personal copy of the conditions together with the insurance policy.

Does the sum insured apply to all occupants?

Porsche Insurance offers the so-called seat system. This means that the same agreed sum insured applies to each approved seat.