Operating Leasing

What tax advantages do I have as an entrepreneur if I opt for operating leasing?

In the case of operating leases, there is no need to recognize an asset item for passenger cars and station wagons. The monthly leasing payments are tax-deductible (appropriateness test and private use must be taken into account).

Why don't I know the residual value of the vehicle in the operating lease?

The law stipulates that no residual value may be agreed with the customer in the case of operating leases. The liquidation risk is borne by the lessor - Porsche Bank.

Can I cancel the contract at any time?

You can only terminate operating leases during the calculation base period with the consent of Porsche Bank.

What other costs besides the leasing rate should I expect?

Ongoing operating costs, such as comprehensive and liability insurance, engine-related insurance tax, maintenance and repair costs. Upon conclusion of the contract, the statutory contract fee and processing costs are incurred.

Was passiert mit dem Fahrzeug, wenn der Leasingvertrag zu Ende ist?

When the contract expires, you return the vehicle to your delivering dealer. He will be happy to advise you on a vehicle exchange and the conclusion of a new contract. If you wish to continue using your vehicle, you can simply continue the leasing contract.

Wear and tear and accident repairs will be taken into account in the final contract settlement, unless they are covered by a maintenance contract or comprehensive insurance. Deviations from the agreed mileage are included in the final settlement.

What happens when the interest rate market changes?

For contracts concluded with fixed interest rates, nothing changes until the end of the contract.

Contracts with variable interest rates are adjusted. The 3-month EURIBOR serves as the basis for calculation. If this changes by more than 0.25% points, the fee will be adjusted as of the first of the month of the following quarter.

Is everyone allowed to drive the leased car?

Anyone to whom the lessee gives the vehicle for use may drive it if they have the appropriate driver's license. The subleasing of a leased vehicle is not permitted.