What is a loan?

A loan is a form of financing in which the purchase price plus accruing financing interest is divided into monthly installments over a specific term. Special payments are possible at any time. Upon payment of the last loan installment, the vehicle becomes your property.

Can I make special payments regardless of the monthly payment?

The great advantage with a loan is that you can make special payments at any time and thus reduce the total term of the loan. You can also pay the entire outstanding loan amount at once and thus become the unrestricted owner of the vehicle.

What does "debt waiver" mean?

When the debt waiver is concluded, the outstanding loan is covered upon the borrower's death. This protects your heirs from unforeseen payments and the vehicle becomes their property.

What costs should I expect in addition to the loan installment?

In addition to the monthly loan installments, ongoing operating costs such as comprehensive and liability insurance, engine-related insurance tax, and maintenance and repair costs must be paid. Processing costs are incurred upon conclusion of the contract.