legal protection insurance

Why do I need legal protection insurance?

After an accident, the question of fault is often unclear. Justified claims by the other party are covered by your vehicle's motor vehicle liability insurance, while unjustified claims are defended against. For the enforcement of your own claims for damages (e.g. compensation for pain and suffering), on the other hand, you need motor legal protection insurance in order not to be burdened with unexpected lawyer and court costs when enforcing your claims in court.

Do I have to pay a deductible for legal protection insurance?

Unlike many other legal protection insurance policies, Porsche Versicherung does not have a deductible. The costs of necessary legal action (up to a maximum of the sum insured) are covered in full. You can therefore face a legal dispute with peace of mind.

Who decides by whom I am represented?

You are free to choose which lawyer represents you in court. With Porsche Versicherung's motor legal protection, you alone decide who you trust to represent your good law.

What is included in the legal protection insurance?

Porsche Insurance specializes in your needs as an owner and driver. Therefore, damages, criminal and driving license legal protection for your car are insured.