What is the difference between leasing and credit?

In the case of a loan, the focus is on the acquisition of ownership and there is the option of making special payments at any time during the term of the loan. With leasing, the focus is on use over a defined term. Porsche Bank remains the owner of the vehicle.

What costs should I expect in addition to the leasing rate?

In addition to the monthly lease payment, ongoing operating costs such as comprehensive and liability insurance, engine-related insurance tax, maintenance and repair costs or refueling must be paid by the lessee. Upon conclusion of the contract, the statutory contract fee and processing costs are incurred.

Can I cancel the contract at any time?

A residual value leasing contract can be terminated by you in writing at any time. The difference between the termination value and the used car proceeds will be settled with you.

In the case of rental leasing, you can only terminate during the calculation base period with the consent of Porsche Bank.

Am I the only one allowed to drive the vehicle or are other people also allowed to use the vehicle?

Anyone to whom the lessee gives the vehicle for use may drive it if they have the appropriate driver's license. The subleasing of a leased vehicle is not permitted.