Frequently asked questions about Direktsparen Flexibel

What is the Direktsparen Flexibel Account? And how much does it cost?

The Direktsparen Flexibel account is an online savings account. Account creation and ongoing account management are free of charge. This account serves only as a savings account through which you can make deposits from your reference account. Personal payment transactions (e.g. paying bills, direct debit orders, etc.) are excluded.

What interest rate will I receive?

You can find the current interest rate for Direktsparen Flexibel under Security and Legal in the conditions sheet. The current interest rates are listed here.

Can I also use the Direktsparen Flexibel account for regular savings?

Yes, this is possible. Simply set up a standing order from your checking account (= reference account). This allows you to save a fixed amount each month in your Direktsparen Flexibel account.

How can I deposit or withdraw money from my Direktsparen Flexibel account?

Deposits and withdrawals can only be made via the reference account you have specified (your account at the house bank). You can make further deposits by transfer order or standing order at any time. Withdrawals are possible online under the menu item "Withdrawal".

At what intervals is interest paid on the Direktsparen Flexibel account?

Interest is paid once a year (as of December 31) or when the Direktsparen Flexibel account is closed.

Until when can transfers be ordered so that the execution takes place on the same day?

Transfers received no later than 4:45 p.m. on a bank working day will be processed with the next booking run on the same day. Transfers received after 4:45 p.m. or on no bank working day will be processed on the following bank working day.