Frequently asked questions about Direktsparen Fix

What is a Direktsparen (Direct Savings) Fix account and how much does it cost?

The Direktsparen Fix account is an online savings account. Account creation and ongoing account management are free of charge. You can invest an amount of your choice (at least EUR 5,000) for a desired term at a fixed interest rate. This interest rate is valid for the entire investment period.

What are the requirements to open a Direktsparen Fix account?

Any private individual who has reached the age of majority and whose primary residence is in Austria can open a Direktsparen Fix account (time deposit). Another requirement is a Direktsparen Flexibel account at Porsche Bank, through which all deposits and withdrawals are booked.

If you do not yet have a Direktsparen Flexibel account, we will automatically open a Direktsparen Flexibel account for you as part of the account opening application for Direktsparen Fix.

What interest rate will I receive?

You can find the current interest rate for Direktsparen Fix under Security and Legal in the conditions sheet. The current interest rates are listed here.

Can I also use the Direct Savings Fix account for regular savings?

For a Direktsparen Fix account, you choose the amount of the deposit (minimum EUR 5,000) when you open your account. This cannot be changed during the term. However, you can open another Direktsparen Fix account at any time.

When does the Direktsparen Fix account earn interest?

Interest is paid at the end of the term (less cest) or in the event of early termination of the Direktsparen Fix account.

Where will the money be transferred to at the end of the term?

If you do not renew your Direktsparen Fix deposit, your balance will be transferred to your Direktsparen Flexibel account at the end of the term, depending on the disposition you have selected.

What does fixed rate mean?

Fixed interest means that the interest rate at which the account is opened is guaranteed for the entire term. Even if the savings interest rate decreases or increases.

What happens if the Direct Savings Fix account is closed prematurely?

In principle, your investment is bound to the agreed term and can only be terminated prematurely for important reasons.

If premature termination takes place, a notice period of 31 days must be observed. In addition, we pay interest on the credit balance retroactively from the date of deposit at a rate of 0.01% per annum.

For early termination, we require a written order from you by fax with your signature. You will find the account cancellation form under Forms.

What happens after the commitment period expires?

After the commitment period has expired, interest will be paid on your credit balance. We will notify you by e-mail in good time before your investment expires. Up to one day before the end of the term, you can decide whether you want to have your credit balance paid out to your Direktsparen Flexibel account or reinvested.

Can I change the disposition during the term?

You can correct the disposition you have chosen at any time - but no later than one day before the end of the term - online in your Direktsparen Fix account under "Change disposition".

How many Direktsparen Fix accounts can I open?

You can open several Direktsparen Fix accounts. Please note that the minimum deposit per Direktsparen Fix account is EUR 5,000.