Frequently asked questions about Smart Driver

Who can participate?

All insurance customers of Porsche Versicherungs AG with a valid vollKASKO insurance policy and an active direct debit order can participate.

How can I participate?

After signing the contract, you will receive an invitation letter from us with a personal TAN code. Please enter this TAN code together with your contract number (including slash, e.g. 5123456/00001) when registering in the SMART DRIVER app.

Where can I find my contract number?

You will find your personal contract number on your policy / insurance certificate.

Can I participate retrospectively?

Please send us a request with your contract number to: You will then receive the invitation with the associated TAN by mail.

Can I end the participation early?

You can terminate participation at any time. By not using the app, your contract will continue as concluded.

What premium benefits do I receive?

Depending on the score you achieve, you will receive retroactive premium credit for the month in which you achieved the score.

There is the following discount on the monthly premium:

  • Score 0 - 80.00 points 0% discount
  • Score: 81 - 85.00 points 5% discount
  • Score: 86 - 90.00 points 10% discount
  • Score: 91 - 95,00 points 15% discount
  • Score: 96 - 100.00 points 20% discount

Can there be an increase in the premium by using the app?

By participating in the pilot product, you can only experience credits to the concluded premium. There is no increase in the premium or any other worse position due to the use of the app in any case.

When will I receive the premium credits?

The booking is made between the 10th and 15th calendar day of the following month. You will receive the credit directly to your account. For amounts below 3.00 EUR, the amount will be posted with the next advance payment.

How will I be notified of premium credits?

After booking the premium credit, the amounts are displayed next to the achieved score values. At the end of the pilot you will receive a list of the scores as well as the booked credits per month.

What criteria do I need to meet to receive premium credit?

The following criteria must be met for a calendar month to be scored:

A minimum of 5 trips totaling more than 150 kilometers must be recorded within 3 active weeks per month. These participation criteria apply as a promotion and are limited until 31.12.2021.

Does every trip have to be recorded?

No. In order to receive the premium credits, it is sufficient to meet the criteria established for this purpose.