extended warranty insurance

What is the difference between TopGarantie and TopGarantie PLUS?

The TopGarantie covers damage to specific components listed in detail in the terms and conditions (also known as an assembly warranty). The TopGarantie is perfect for vehicles with above-average mileage, as the end of coverage does not occur until the vehicle reaches 250,000 kilometers. A mileage-based deductible applies to the components required for the repair. The maximum benefit per claim is EUR 2,500 from a mileage of 150,000.

In contrast, the TopGarantie PLUS corresponds to the scope of the manufacturer's warranty. It ends at 120,000 kilometers. This means that the scope of benefits goes far beyond the assembly warranty - and all without a deductible.

When will I receive the complete scope of services of the warranty extension?

To receive the full benefits of the TopGarantie or TopGarantie PLUS from Porsche Insurance, it is necessary to carry out the ongoing maintenance and service work prescribed by the manufacturer. They must also be recorded in the service manual by a recognized authorized workshop or at the dealer from which you purchased the car.

What is the difference between the factory warranty and the extended warranty from Porsche Insurance?

The factory warranty exists in addition to the legally binding warranty claims. It pays for repair costs incurred due to defects in the vehicle within the first two years after new purchase of the car.

The extended warranty from Porsche Versicherung, on the other hand, is a separate contract between the customer and Porsche Versicherung. It serves to extend the manufacturer's warranty. With the TopGarantie PLUS, for example, you enjoy the same protection as with the factory warranty.

I have tuned my vehicle - does the insurance apply in this case as well?

Modifications to your car that have not been approved by the manufacturer pose a high risk of damage to mechanics and electronics. In this case, therefore, the insurance coverage of the extended warranty does not apply.