Electronic mailbox

What is the ePostbox?

An electronic mailbox in which all your newly created documents (Direktsparen Fix account application with attachment, time deposit confirmation incl. cancellation, or annual account statement) and e-mails that we send to you are placed.

As soon as a Direktsparen Fix account application including attachment, a term deposit confirmation incl. cancellation, or an annual account statement is available, you will be informed of this by e-mail.

What are the advantages of the ePostbox?

In your ePostbox you have your documents completely collected. These can also be saved separately.

Disposition and interest rate change emails are stored in your ePostbox as well as sent directly to your email address. This way, you can have important information at your disposal immediately and have e-mail messages and documents collected in your ePostbox.

How can you log in to your Electronic mailbox?

1) Enter as usual via our website

2) In the overview you will find the menu item ePostbox.

3) Click on the ePostbox menu item and follow the instructions.